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for years rarely discussed. till now i've really rather not talk about that way. until moscow says it will cut off gas supplies for ukraine it's fails to sort out paying its debt by the deadline. america is tooled up police patrols as the pentagon hands out its hardware left we asked whether officers really need military grade. plus britain's first secret trial an appeals court forced the government's plans to dispense some closed door justice in the name of national security.
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and other work in the watching r.t. international with me and. now this just two hours left the key have to pay hafiz gas debt to russia if nothing is agreed moscow says it will cut off supplies for ukraine but the sides fail to. reach talks in kiev on sunday night let's get more now from our teacher men in a core set of who's just outside gazprom his headquarters in the russian capital marina it does look like this time doesn't it that russia is not going to allow ukraine to delay its payments. that's exactly what it seems like i could be talking about wortham is that line for ukraine and russia has been quite patient so far considering the amount of money it's all with we're talking about four and a half billion dollars in debts and russia has tried to be reasonable for a new deal that many actually with described as a steal half the money now twenty percent discount on the rest of the day plus one hundred dollars off the contractual price for you. fix for at least one the year
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this would actually save ukraine millions of dollars in the long term so basically russia is asking for a reduced three hundred eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meters and in fact this is a price that even the european energy commissioner has called reasonable but that's not the view of ukraine's prime minister because he wants to play no more than two hundred sixty five dollars which is the price agreed upon with the koreans previous leadership before february scusa now both sides are prepared to go to the international courts ukraine with accusations of political game playing russia simply want to repay them actually russia has moved back the deadline many times but now it seems that patience has finally run out and europe will have to deal with it with ukraine stubbornness and many european countries are now dreading a repeat of two thousand and six in two thousand and nine when ukraine was called siphoning fuel intended for them from transit pipes and since many european countries that may heavily on russian gas their concerns are obviously
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understandable but it seems that at the moment here doesn't seem to care that much . ok thanks to. the headquarters. headquarters in moscow we're going to bring in. very much involved in this gas standoff worrying for its own supply is there since the beginning the rhetoric has intensified with kiev refusing to back down and there are plenty of warnings that russia's interests are at stake too so let's bring in our teacher in collusion to look closer at the main ramifications of all this what we've heard here. europe is concerned do you think europe's fears are justified i mean if you crane starts to siphon off this gas can the rest of europe actually do without russian gas well let's have a look at a centrally the fourth biggest misconceptions about the gas. that there are out there and this is essentially a number one misconception we're going to have a man. here there we go which is going to show that exactly how dependent each
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european state is on russian gas they're all color coded so obviously these are the ones that depend on russian gas the most and so forth there is a great nation going on so essentially the. if we were to replace russian gas with something else we would need replacement pipes and terminals and they can all be built overnight so there's obviously a huge problem there and even if they could do that overnight the world bank estimates that the prices would shoot up roughly fifty per cent something that's going in the european policymakers are going to have a really hard time selling to taxpayers ok ukraine seems to believe it can find alternative supplies is that the case do you think well if you're referring to the misconception number two and that is the european leaders talking about reverse gas flow through their pipelines ukraine well they made a really big deal out of that but if we look at the factional figures there what is really happening is that they are they're essentially letting ukraine keep some of
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the gas that europe is getting from russia. you know to make up for what they're missing in this case they actually have to buy market at a far more you have to buy gas at a far more expensive market price essentially european taxpayers already have to cough up much more for their heating just to payroll the political grandstanding what about the possibility of american shale gas because there's an awful lot that could help the situation could they provide shell gas to europe and to ukraine it's one of their most probably debatable and one of the hottest topic in this entire. and this is very fair and it's a misconception number three of course the u.s. would love nothing more than to sell its gas shale gas to europe but unfortunately for them the atlantic ocean is pretty big in order to sell it they will actually have to move the gas across to europe and the gas prices in europe right now are simply too low to justify the shipping. which would be incredible in that case and
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it would take about two million tanker trips a year in order to actually satisfy europe's demand for gas and if we taken into account the fact that there are only four hundred gas thinkers that actually exist right now we have a major problem on our hand with that scenario ok well let's just imagine that did happen here and they were able to do this how much of a blow would it be for russia to lose that market the european market well it would have been a rather big blow but fortunately for russia we have the gas deal with china and the world that yes the final the fourth misconception the world gets about three trillion cubic meters of gas a year but because china is projected to start consuming two trillion as we can see right there there's going to be certainly no shortage of appetite for russian gas in that respect and all of that because of the gas deal that russia and china finally got in place ok. explaining the possible ramifications of this no and to discuss disputes that journalists have come under fire in this in east
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ukraine where kiev's army is pressing on with its military operation against the defined region a correspondent for marty's agency was among them local officials in another restive region the guns that the weekend saw over one hundred people including defense forces and civilians killed the violence is forcing thousands from their homes has been hearing about their ordeal. the refugees have certainly had itself in the last few weeks but for some the burden of displacement turned out to be much heavier than for others kids with physical impairments and their mothers were left to fight for themselves in the shellshocked east of ukraine alexei was born with a very rare condition and has never seen the light of day his mother you didn't think twice when she was told this so-called antiterrorist operation was approaching her town near the gums she's all settled in here now in the safety of
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souter in russia but it did take some time for alexei to get used to the uniform and he had we could achieve he screamed a lot of us because the air quality is different here but he got he used to the conditions of the three or four days and they are not the only family who felt the safety and medical treatments of their disabled loved ones could not be provided for at home vitale fled from r.t.l. mosque with his aunt chased away by the daily aerial attacks by the ukrainian military they were told their town will soon be swept by the army they had to leave behind their entire family lives several boys all i want is for my mom to come here right here that's all i need. and that's yana has two kids of her own and help the self-defense forces at home by cooking and delivering meals she says she would never have left ukraine if it wasn't for that sally post on your first he's very scared he always asks his grandmother i think going to shoot me i think going to
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kill me due to his condition he can't express emotions very well but sometimes he just screams very loudly the families are now away from the bloody violence and in the safety of this summer retreat turned into refugee camp however there is no place like home they say hoping for peace to be able to return to their abandoned houses ramon calls her a party southern russia. of course we'll be following the develop. it's an eastern ukraine on there and online as well head to r.t. dot com for a minute by minute updates on the situation there. now american police in some cities are being armed to the teeth with military hardware more suited to war zones but it's not because of some suburban security nightmare it's because there's tons of expensive gear left over from lengthy foreign campaigns as marina portnoy explains some of it is not has not even being used in
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the present in the pentagon they want it gathering dust. as america continues winding down its longest streak of war soldiers are returning home and so is their military arsenal a used armored vehicle that will be used during swat calls and other emergency situations nine foot tall mine resistant trucks specifically designed to survive roadside bomb attacks are parked all throughout the u.s. local and state police departments have acquired more than four hundred m. wraps and silencers and tens of thousands of m. sixteen machine guns and night vision equipment is a new paradigm is the military paradigm militarized police and the problem with that is when they look at american sort of golf and they see only combatants this is all made possible through america's military transfer program created in the ninety's when violence and drug gangs plagued major cities today crime in the u.s.
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has fallen to its lowest in a generation and the special response team in richland county south carolina looks like this ready to take on the taliban should it invade the south this year the thing that it's doing is basically just making it more and more obvious that they are being watched her eyes are police forces are being turned into soldiers iraq war veteran emily yates says her country's law enforcement is being trained to fight against the public instead of serving to protect it they should be trained to deescalate any violation or gresham that's happening but instead the police are showing up and causing violence and aggression people are just afraid all the time and for no reason our country has never been invaded we have no foreign army at our doorstep however a sheriff in indiana claims his county needs m. wraps to protect against possible attacks by veterans returning from home i see
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a lot her annoy about that her that i don't like it usually excuse to harm the police like they're. you know like the people of afghanistan that we've got a problem but using that as a way to militarize the police or whatever they think might be coming in the future a future where america's local police forces will be prepared for war but who will they be warring against merino port naya r.t. . there are more than a few people worried that the local police are getting say two retired captain ray lewis sided with protesters off the offices pepper sprayed peaceful demonstrators at occupy wall street at an occupy wall street rally in twenty eleven he told us that once police have more firepower and military good crackdowns could become more brutal than ever. high caliber weapons are extremely dangerous they have a very high ricocheting velocity and that means that innocent people are going to
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get killed and injured they will be shot they can go through doors they can go through cinder block they can go through metal car doors and this type of velocity is not necessary think of kent state where they shot so many and killed so many innocent people and they were not high caliber weapons can you imagine the massacre that would take place if officers had high caliber weapons they will sell this high equipment the repair the maintenance for this will come from taxpayers' money corporate america will make billions off its all for this equipment you heard of the prison industrial complex you heard of the military industrial complex corporate america now wants to make a pall lease industrial complex well they'll make billions off a police department's. we are back among the world cup crowds in brazil in a few minutes time and not everyone's got full will play with the bright the protests on the parting of the planet's biggest sporting a bad. place
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the slip angle the try to players play polo going to. want to feel like they are in the changing every minute and playing the law oh well. my a lot like the flames think that's setting plays kids is mostly templates to play sometimes for nothing the claim is so mean and it's a challenge to look just like you but still we can still be judged if you see the stage eight will be the jets with the teacher was still.
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playing go. do we speak your language or not a day of. school music programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angola's kid story seems like a huge here. to try to alter the spanish find out more visit. again i protect thing. national security is a reason often bandied about to justify governments keeping quiet about some of their more shady activities but in britain it now goes to the very heart of open and fair justice waving aside the right to an open court hearing the country's been
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trying to sneak through its first secret criminal trial of sarah for reports. these are the names of the t. defendants in the terrorism case until last week they'd been known only by the initials a b. and c d g twenty application from prosecutors to ban the press and public from proceedings on the grounds of protecting national security the whole case was close to being completely in secret well the court of appeal blocks that attempt to hold the first ever completely secret criminal trial in the u.k. the judge is saying that the core of the terrorism trial could be heard in secret but that other parts must be public but campaign is the worried that despite the ruling this case marks yet another step toward secret courts becoming a therm part of the british legal system only partial victory large parts of that
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roast are going to be held in secret the important issue here is the very issue of open justice because we have a long tradition that the justice to it's not enough for justice to be done it's got to be seen to be done in this case was an extraordinary departure by initially allowing the whole of the case to be heard in secret at the heart of the debate around secret courts is this can mash and security information ever be made public the government's stance there is no there are people who are saying that it's a dangerous precedent they are wrong it's neither dangerous nor a precedent as far as the precedent point is concerned the have been many trials in which part of the hearing has been held in secret for national security reasons house for being dangerous it's not dangerous because the judge will god the firmness of the trial down in public if a top possible for hundreds of years we've been able to have jurisprudence on cases that involve sensitive issues there are always ways in which the evidence can be
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presented that will protect for example surveillance or secret service operations there's no. but on the press from it whatsoever if we don't know what's going on what's being reported it could easily lead to an increase in miscarriages of justice ultimately it is the judges that this saeed there will be released no doubt this in this instance the cool cheese not to get it as a police secret trial the concern now is that with more applications that they won't be. surface r.t. reporting from london. now football's finest are battling it out in brazil at the moment and it seems to get ahead you need. a lot of it so the french claims it's training sessions have been watched by a spy drone at r.t. dot com you can find out whether it's down to rivals handywork or a devoted fan at the controls. banking terrorists with entrapment muslim
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groups in the u.s. accuse the f.b.i. of setting up innocent people to justify a controversial arrest program. your friend post a photo from a vacation you can't afford college to different. your boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still plans to rejection poetry keep. norrish. we post only what really matters. to your facebook news feed. an explosion had an oil refinery in central russia has killed at least five people the technical failure is of course the explosion present i ask which also injured seven seven others another four people are missing eyewitnesses say nearby buildings were also damaged and columns of smoke could be seen several kilometers away firefighters have since put the blaze. the words of the. israeli military have arrested around eighty
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palestinians in the west bank after three teenagers were allegedly abducted most of those detained a members of hamas which is accused of kidnappings by the israeli prime minister the greek denies involvement human rights activists yuri's acking told r.t. that the breakdown of peace talks has led to an escalation in violence i really hope that we go back to a situation where we talk with the palestinians about ending the conflict about a permanent status agreement which is the real necessity where there is a vacuum where leaders leaders don't talk and i'm sad to say that the israeli government gave up very easily and playing more of a blame game with abu mazen instead of going to go stable where where there is a political vacuum violent elements come in and we see the result i think the best way to prevent such as in the future is to have
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a permanent status agreement agreement we ask of the palestinians that will serve israel's national interest best because continuing this situation is as we see brings more and more violence and hardship. in other headlines at least five people have been killed in another thirty five wounded in another round of jihadists violence in iraq this time the populated city. behind it the radical militant group known as isis which has been rampaging through the north seizing key cities and advancing on baghdad but the iraqi government claims it squashed the militants onslaught and preparing a counter operation. angry scenes that saw the merican our stadium in rio de janeiro where a crowd of about seven hundred protesters demonstrated against the cost of brazil hosting the world cup police five take gas and rubber bullets at the protesters who threw molotov cocktails at offices while there have been protests nationwide in the
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run up to the toll in the hundreds of thousands of fans who descended on brazil of only one thing in mind a brain phillips's in one of the city seeing a definite football take a. run here downtown in hours to see the first ever world cup match england versus italy not finished italy to english one how many times and just finally joined the stadium was near capacity in the city defied the school for the twelve o'clock news now it's a city which perhaps many are some of the south america they physically did a byproduct of this world cup two thousand and fourteen this want to meet with the amazon rain forest sometimes it's the heart of the amazon we could welcome back just to the phone i want to hear about some june twenty fifth with many more thousands of international fans to make the journey here speaking to friends already made that journey to see what they can expect of an hour's right side spotlight right yeah right. so you want to see the stadium is going to be all right so is going to be ready. for civilian female. friends.
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to be ready for the. cameras we can see you speak to fine folks on some reservations about how ready to announce really wants to host this world cup two thousand and fourteen two tools the city itself is largely positive now some find to tell me that they expected to be coming to the middle of the jungle but what they really found is a posting twenty first century city type of imports and exports a manufacturer with a vibrant colorful downtown area which we need to hear but temperatures can still reach over food degrees and the welcome is also being warm with locals and fans alike have come out to make the most. at this world cup experience the next match is cameroon this is crucial but now it is this is one for the want to. use all their flags faces painted in national colors and chanting that's how supporters cheer on their teams but there's also and can be a darker side. investigates being
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a football fan in russia. showing support for your team in russia could mean this this. or this. person in one thousand nine hundred eighty when spotlight was playing says scar in moscow we had a huge fight red blue warriors came up against us there was more than eight hundred people involved in a brawl but you know and that is just one of the fights vice described now a retired hooligan he says fan culture has changed massively russia just if you a stereotype of an english football hooligan or an italian ultras is no longer applied to us we went our own way now there are no loud criminal cases against huge compared to the ninety's back in the soviet days football was considered one of the nation's brights histories best goalkeeper left yosh and the team which won the
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first ever european championship and the police of revolutionary managers with the break up of the soviet union football just as many other spheres of life suffered a major setback it may be a coincidence but along with these problems came whole organism it is still unclear what caused the surge in violence at the time but even in more recent years russian hooligans have still been making headlines from violent pitch invasions mass treats rallies to racist incidents and swastikas in the stands but former hooligan found over russia's largest fan movement to market and i have a believes the issue is often blown up in the press and problems are usually solved even before they appear. we're going to. spearhead events of the mine down in ukraine some of them are in the national guard now so potentially this is a very dangerous part of society but are all thor it is a pursuing a very clever strategy with hooligan communities so there's no danger from the in russia these fights happen every weekend but no one knows
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a thing if they happen out of town in forest. and strictly upon agreement on. the twenty thirteen movie okola footballer tells the story of a firm of hooligans consisting partially of white collar workers where death and destruction rough shoulders with love and friendship one of its characters keeps asking the question why do you fight. with all of us to be the movie's director feels he's personally managed to solve that enigma but. why do we make love not only to make babies is it to get pleasure unrivaled and in comparable who would also probably love sex but they also have another sort of pleasure imagine you get hit on the head a multiple times you ask yourself is it worth it clearly they think it is. the movie slogan is we cannot change real life has proven they can insist of a sealy it's just
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a matter of whether the rest of the world will be happy with this evolution of the russian fan culture when the country hosts the next world cup in twenty eighteen. let's see russia moscow. not nice not international respect to scotland's only member and softly softly but if you are watching us in the u.k. it's going underground with action which. some people say that when it happens some one time not a very nice one the curtain falls down. to fit some point and i could no longer stand it i decided to kill myself. even i was scared of what i'd done but i punched but i didn't understand where i didn't want a man raising his hand the woman should. run from him.
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i ask everyone who sees this video to also speak to the children's father. my has then became a controllable people that he couldn't do anything. while you're crying don't cry i know i'm tired of crying too don't cry than. you jenny this was huge and it's vulgarized darwin science and punishment for an on committed crime i was sterilized alone for being innately feeble minded still today for the future i don't know why. but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology don't stop at just sterilizing yet not going to now go to the point of death. for years rarely discussed on till now i'd really rather not talk about that right.
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welcome to says he and co and sophie shevardnadze right wing parties the e.u. parliamentary vote with british voters throwing their support behind the euro skeptic you keep a blog but will the card of success transfer into something bigger well david cole board member of.


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